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Wow Fruit Now™- A Great Shortcut

I’m a huge fan of fruit- specifically berries. I grew up spending summers in northern Michigan, and my time was split into three seasons: strawberry season, raspberry season, and cherry season. We picked all of our fruit- flats of berries and buckets of cherries- then we preserved the harvest. I assumed all kids grew up pitting cherries for hours, and was always surprised when I came home and no one really understood the varieties of berries and cherries I was yammering about, or appreciated the new scar on my knee from climbing the trees to grab the sour cherries before the cannon went off to scare birds. As an adult I toyed with the idea of planting black raspberries when we lived in a small southern Ohio town. My uncle gave me some starts, and I planted them, watered, mulched- and when we moved two years later, I still had no berries. That can be the frustrating part of growing your own fruit- the waiting. But there is a shortcut- Gurney’s Wow Fruit Now™.

Imagine growing fruit with almost instant gratification. Seems impossible, but Gurney’s has five varieties that you can plant in spring and harvest by fall – the first year. That quick turn around the first year makes Wow Fruit Now™ a good choice for anyone who is gardening with kids or grandkids, new gardeners, or someone just starting a new garden in a previously unused area of their yard.

Wow Fruit Now™ features a 5″ Quick-Pro Pot. This provides an excellent root system for your fruit plant, and allows for the development of extra feeder roots for a quick start. Wow Fruit Now also has a trained fruit production leader which is not available on normal bareroot grades- which helps your plant bear fruit in record time.

Gurney’s currently offers Wow Fruit Now™ as an option when ordering Tickled Pink Grapes, Black Magic Blackberry, Heaven can Wait Blackberry, Ouachita Blackberry, and Triple Crown Blackberry. Myself, I’d opt for a blackberry as my kids love eating them, and I enjoy using them for jam. A few of these along the fence at the back edge of my yard would be perfect, and that instant gratification is a huge lure. Plant in spring, harvest in fall? Yes, please! The problem will be which variety to choose. Of course, regular bareroot varieties are available for those fruits, but if I can use a shortcut, especially one with proven results, I’m going for it. So much of gardening involves patience, and I never have enough patience to go around.

Thinking about adding one of Gurney’s Wow Fruit Now™ varieties to your garden? Which one? Let us know in the comments! Wow Fruit Now! Triple Crown Blackberries


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