Get your paws on a Pawpaw Tree!

Pawpaw trees are an interesting specimen, and one of my favorites. The trees grow 15-30 ft. tall, and their foliage is a dark, deep green. The fruit is similar to bananas, but mushier and with a bolder flavor. But unlike banana trees, Pawpaw Tree from  Gurney's Seed and Nurserypawpaw trees don’t have to be grown in a warm or tropical climate. We grow pawpaw trees here in Ohio in both full sun and full shade, and they perform quite well each year.

Most people have never heard of pawpaws. This is likely due to the fact that, while pawpaw trees are easy to grow, pawpaw fruit is very tender and does not stay ripe for very long after being picked. That’s why you wont see pawpaw fruit at the grocery store. All the more reason to grow pawpaw trees in your backyard! You can impress your friends and neighbors with this exotic fruit at parties and get togethers.

This video is an up-close look at pawpaw fruit. Felix, our horticultural expert, demonstrates how to cut and serve pawpaw fruit. He even shares a recipe for pawpaw ice cream! If you’re interested in growing your very own pawpaw tree, click here for a great deal.


5 comments to Get your paws on a Pawpaw Tree!

  • Dana

    While the fruit is good, when I was a kid and we had our bellies full of PawPaw, we used to make sliding whistles from PawPaw branches. So much fun! Here are some directions for making them I found on the web.

  • Mae West

    Is that a pawpaw in your pocket or did you find Old Nellie?

  • Teri Miller

    My mom used to sing a song to my baby brother , “Way down yonder in the Paw Paw patch”. I never realized it was a tree we could get here in the U.S.

  • “We grow pawpaw trees here in Ohio in both full sun and full shade, and they perform quite well each year.”

    Really? I thought these were either made up or a tropical fruit. Curious…

  • I have heard about pawpaws but have never tried one. I am into organic gardening and this would be an interesting addition to my garden. Thanks for the resource.

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