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Where are you, spring?

It’s March at last, but the cold, dreary winter weather is still hanging around, refusing to give up and let spring take hold. These last few weeks of cold, wet days are always the hardest to take. Planting season is so close, yet feels so far away. If you are like me and you simply […]


All about…cauliflower

Snow Crown Hybrid Cauliflower

There is one thing you must know about cauliflower before we go any further: cauliflower is temperamental. It only does well in consistently cool weather, is fussy about soil, and needs a near constant supply of water and nutrients. But we never back away from a challenge- so if […]


Home Sweet Home – How to Grow Fruit Indoors!

I’ve always had luck with run-of-the-mill tropical houseplants, but I had no idea that growing fruit indoors would be just as easy! And there’s nothing like biting into fruit you’ve picked fresh off your plant…in early spring! […]


Here’s to Houseplants (part 3)

If you choose the right plants and provide what they need, your houseplants and fruit trees will be a lovely addition to your indoor garden for years to come! […]


Happy Holidays from your friends at Gurney’s!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your friends at Gurney’s Seed & Nursery! Christmas is my favorite holiday. Getting together with family, eating great food, giving and receiving gifts… […]


How to Winterize Your Trees

Winterizing is the best thing you can do to ensure that your tree or shrub stays healthy through the cold season and comes back full force next spring, especially if you’ve recently added some young flowering trees or shrubs to your landscape this year. […]