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Chickens in the garden

Chickens do a great job of ridding the garden of pests and rotted veggies.

When I decided to start raising chickens, I was thinking only of high quality, fresh eggs. But, I soon learned that my feathered friends had far more to offer – bringing chickens onto the property was one of the […]


Extending the growing season

Season extension is the way forth for gardeners who seek to do more, and get more out of their garden. So even when it’s gotten cold and the neighbor’s called it a season, you can choose to challenge the elements and cultivate your favorite plants beyond their usual growing period. Gurney’s offers some of the […]


The sweet life -grow your own corn!

Gotta Have It Hybrid Sweet Corn

Being a Midwest girl, I like to think I’m a bit of a corn expert. I grew up saying things like “Knee High by Fourth of July”; I’m also a bit of a cyclist, so riding through miles and miles of corn along rural roads on a […]


Some like it hot: How to grow radishes

German Giant Parat Radishes

Ravishing pink and red globes are sliced open to reveal a gorgeous, crisp white inside, with a spice and bite that follow the crunch that comes from one of spring’s first vegetables. I adore radishes, and am always on the lookout for a new variety, but to be totally […]


Okra – an old-fashioned favorite!

Hill Country Red Okra

While I do enjoy a structured, planned out garden – with perennial beds here, and neat rows of vegetables over there – sometimes I long for the randomized beauty of a cottage garden. I imagine roses rambling, bee balm swaying, and even vegetables mixed in with the hardy geraniums […]