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Spring Arugula Salad

Arugula was one of the very first things to be ready to eat in the Gurney’s vegetable trials this spring. I have always loved arugula’s peppery flavor, and it’s become one of my very favorite salad greens.


In my quest to find new ways to use arugula, I came up with this […]


Brussels Sprouts—A Winter Garden Treat

We’re finally experiencing weather that resembles winter, but that doesn’t mean our garden harvests are over! The kale trials look beautiful; some of our lettuces seem to be enjoying the cold; and the Brussels sprouts are at their peak.

We’ve received just enough frosty weather to really bring out the delectable sweetness in the […]


We Love Beets, and You Should Too!

5 ways to enjoy Homegrown Beets

It’s the end of harvest time, and as you pull the last of your softball-sized Gurney’s Choice Harrier Beets from the ground, or maybe your slender Forono beets, you might be a little beet-ed out. And if you didn’t plant beets, don’t worry- find a friendly neighbor, or head […]