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Summer Take 2 – Succession Planting for my Fall Bean Harvest


Jade Green Beans - Seven days after sowing!

Jade Green Beans – Seven days after sowing!

I love this warm weather, full of the great periods of rain that we have been having. It has been wonderful for us gardeners. A few weeks ago, I took the time one evening, (yes, one beautifully warm evening), to plant my succession summer garden for fall harvest. The soil was moist, warm and easy to plant. This year’s warm summer soil, made my direct seed planting of beans germinate in a matter of days, producing little seed sprouts, in less than a week.

When weather has been as this summer’s, you want to get out there – it makes it easy. It’s also an inspirational reminder for me, that in summers not like this, just by reproducing these conditions, watering more often and possibly covering with plastic during evenings or days to heat up the soil faster, make for easy second succession fall harvest planting and for seeds to sprout quickly. The Jade Beans I’ve planted are a favorite variety of mine. This variety has so much going for it:

-That fresh young bean flavor.

– Tenderness to full maturity.

– The Jade Bean holds its tenderness the longest of any bean I’ve tried.

-The beans keep their deep green color when frozen

– It’s highly productive with long 8″ to 9″ pods – it’s amazing!

– If ripe beans are kept picked regularly, it will keep producing beans longer than other varieties.

Give this Jade Bean a try one time. If you have a favorite Bean variety write and tell me about it and the reasons you find it great.


Already this week, I had to chase a raccoon out of my garden before gathering three paper grocery sacks full of corn, a few peas, and a bunch of blackberries to process. The raccoon only ruined a dozen or so ears. I need to pick off silks, cut the kernals off cobs and freeze corn, of course I’ve saved several ears for eating fresh off the cob. My family can’t wait! Hope to hear from some of you! Enjoy your gardens!



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