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Strawberries- Planting Tips

Strawberries Arguably the world’s most loved fruit, Strawberry is definitely the best looking! Growing strawberry plants promises delicious fruit, an attractive landscape and a whole lot of fun. While the plants are quite easy to grow and maintain, the part of planting strawberries requires some serious consideration and careful execution.

Picking the Right Planting Site

Strawberry plants are very versatile. I’ve seen them flourish in terraced gardens, hanging baskets and in small to king-sized pots! The key thing is sunlight. Strawberries will do well in almost any location that offers full sun for at least 5-6 hours a day. The plants relish loamy soil with good drainage. If you’re planning on growing strawberries in a container, make sure there are ample drainage holes at its bottom.

The Right Time for Planting

Early spring offers the best time for planting strawberry plants. Never compromise on quality. Pick only the best quality plants, from a trusted supplier.

Preparing the Planting Location

If you’re looking to plant strawberries in your garden, it’s essential to clear out all weeds. Carefully remove all the weeds and debris and dispose of them at a safe distance. I’d recommend adding good quantities of peat moss to the soil. This will add to the soil’s nutrition bank and help the young plants to establish. Alternately, you can also use a high nitrogen fertilizer.

Sowing Strawberry Seedlings

Dig a hole that’s just enough large to accommodate the root ball. This way, the top of the crown would end up just below the ground level. Pack the soil firmly around the plant’s base and water well. Allow a gap of 15-18 inches between adjacent plantings.

There you go. Not a hard job! Plant them right, give them a little care and you’ll soon be eating from your own strawberry plants!


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