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Little Apple Trees…Big Taste!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to grow an apple tree but didn’t think you had enough space in your yard or garden.  Or maybe you weren’t interested in climbing a ladder to pick your own deliciously sweet apples or prune hard-to-reach tree branches.

 Pixie Crunch Apple Tree - Gurney's Get to know Gurney’s® Li’l Big Pixie Crunch Apple Tree—the sweetest and most crisp apple you’ll ever taste.  At just 6 feet tall with a 6- to 8-foot spread, it’s startling how much fruit our customers harvest from their Li’l Big Pixie Crunch apple trees.  Don’t be fooled by the tree’s diminutive size—it bears more than a half-bushel of full-size fruit in late summer.  Its complex breeding at Purdue University is responsible for the other reasons you’ll love Pixie Crunch:  Think unparalleled sweetness; fine, crisp texture; and excellent disease resistance.

Little and Big at the Same Time, Fruits in 18 Months

The small stature of Gurney’s Li’l Big Trees is due to the genetic traits of the rootstock we use, which induces early flowering and causes the tree to go through its juvenile period much more quickly than standard-size fruit trees.  The result is full-size fruit in just 18 months—compared to 5 or 6 years for standard-size trees.  The early and heavy fruiting keeps the tree small and easy to care for—perfect for smaller spaces. Li’l Big’s small size makes picking fruit a breeze and simplifies pruning and spraying.

Check out this video we did on Li’l Big Apple Trees:


4 comments to Little Apple Trees…Big Taste!

  • Rose Hackett

    Have ordered Gurney’s Whopper Strawberries, they are already bearing many fruits about my thump nail size. The Tree Lily planted 6″ under the ground are also popping up about 3″ now.
    Thanks for the good products from your company. Like to buy the Li’l Big Pixie Crunch Apple, but not sure if still available.

    Keep up the good work.

  • em

    Can these be container grown? If so how big should the container be?

  • This is really amazing. “…Little and Big at the Same Time, Fruits in 18 Months…” I was unaware that you could grow a tree and bear fruit and such a short time. I’m very interested in tasting the apples. Where are you guys located?

  • Thats certainly something I am interested in. 18 months is a very short time as compared to the standard ones. How can I get in touch for more details.

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