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How to Grow Gourds from Seed

Gourd Seed Gourds have always been one of the most popular of all ornamental vegetables. Gourds have a delightfully carefree culture and are a lot of fun to grow. These colorful veggies are must haves for every vegetable garden. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you grow gourds from seed.

Gourds do best in open spaces that receive plenty of sunlight. Gourd seeds can be planted outdoors in spring, after the threat of frost is past. Gourds are fast growing veggies and look great when allowed to run along the ground. If you intend to create a gourd trellis or train the vines up a fence, it’s best to have the support structure ready and in place before planting gourd seeds.

Planting gourd seeds in hills is one of the simplest and most popular techniques of growing gourds. Use a shovel to dig a hole in the planting area. The hole should ideally be about a foot deep and a couple of feet in diameter. Fill the hole with humus or rotten compost. Top it with 3-4 inches of soil and sow the seeds around the hill or mound. Cover the seeds with a couple of inches of soil. This will ensure the plants have access to all the nutrients they require for growth.

One of the best things about gourds is that they can also be grown in pots, that too, with a great deal of success. Pick a small pot that has at least 2-3 drainage holes at the bottom. Fill the pot with good quality soil and sow gourd seeds. Place it at a spot that receives 5-6 hours of full sun every day. Once the plant establishes and outgrows the pot, move it to a larger container.

Growing gourds from seed isn’t too hard. Just take care of the plants’ basic requirements and wait for the rewards!


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