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How to Grow Climbing Roses

Climbing Rose Climbing Roses are a wonderful addition to gardens of all styles and sizes. These ravishing climbers are perfect to add that much sought vertical element to the scene. You can use climbing roses to beautify walls and fences, frame the windows or train them up a trellis or pergola. Climbing roses offer a wide range of flower color, giving you freedom to pick in accordance with the surroundings. Growing climbing roses might appear to be a bit tricky but it’s pretty simple, really. Here’s some information on how you can grow climbing roses with ease.

Climbing roses relish rich, well draining soil and while some varieties, like the Blue Angel Climbing Rose require full sun, there are others, like the Blaze Climbing Rose that can also be grown in sites that offer partial shade. Once you’ve picked the roses you’re going to grow, decide how you want to use them in the given setup. Climbing roses require some sort of support structure to help them up. It’s best to make sure the structure you choose is strong enough to bear the weight of the mature plants. Also, it’s important that the structure is in place (about 2 feet from the planting spot) before the time of planting. The period of late winter to early spring is ideal for planting climbing roses. Set the rose plant at 45 degrees, with the roots spreading away and the canes bent in towards the support structure. Pack the soil firmly around the plant’s base and water well.

Young plants need adequate moisture for their growth. Water them lightly everyday, making sure the soil remains moist. Start training climbing roses along the support structure once the stems are strong enough. I normally use wooden stakes to link the stems to the support structure. You can also use a piece of string to guide the stems into the desired direction. Climbing roses thrive on regular fertilization. Use a balanced rose fertilizer and feed the plants at regular intervals.

It does take a little care but the joy of watching these lovely plants in bloom is well worth everything that goes into growing climbing roses!


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