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How to Grow Bush Cherries

Nanking Bush Cherry Bush cherries are fun-to-grow plants that offer an exciting alternative to cherry trees. They’re good looking, easy to grow and offer delicious, juicy cherries that are just too good to resist. Bush cherry plants are smaller than regular cherry trees. While they’re excellent as windbreaks, their impressive foliage and gorgeous blooms make them pretty useful as ornamentals. Most varieties of bush cherries start producing within a few years of planting. For cherry lovers who’re just as impatient as me, I’d recommend Nanking Bush Cherry plant, a wonderful variety that sets fruit in its very first year! Here’s some information to help you grow bush cherries in your garden.

You can plant bush cherries in spring, after the threat of frosts is past. Bush cherry plants are pretty tolerant when it comes to soil conditions and will do well in almost every type of soil. A few days before planting, remove all weeds and debris from the planting site and dispose of. If you’re planting more than one bush, make sure to allow a gap of 6-8 feet between them. Adding a layer of straw mulch will help conserve moisture and check the growth of weeds.

Water your plants regularly, right through the growing season. Use a balanced fertilizer to fertilize bush cherry plants. For best results, administer small doses, every 3 months. Bush cherries are low maintenance plants. They seldom face any disease related problems and can flourish without regular pruning. I’d still recommend regular inspection to keep an eye on caterpillars and other insects. Most of these pests can be washed off or removed by hand with relative ease. Use chemical insecticides only in case of severe infestation.

Growing bush cherries is nothing short of a celebration. If you’re looking for beautiful surroundings, truck loads of excitement and plenty of fresh, yummy cherries to munch on, growing bush cherries is just the thing for you!


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    Can you send me the URL/link of the black currant recipe which taste like chocolate that Felix talked about on the video below? I can’t find it on this blog. Thanks.

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