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Honeycrisp Apple Trees

Apple Tree Close your eyes; try to imagine a crispy crunch that fills your mouth with the distinct sweetness of the absolute juiciest fruit- that’s what it’s like biting into a Honeycrisp Apple. The delicious flavor of this hybrid variety is a cross between Honeygold and Macoun apples. Honeycrisp apples are a blushing red color; they are firm and round in shape, and an all-time favorite for eating it fresh, in salads or in cooking recipes. The pleasure of growing Honeycrisp apples in your own garden or backyard is far from comparison with any other fruit tree.

A few things that influence the growth of a wonderful dwarf tree – Honeycrisp Apple are:

  • A location that receives full sun is the prime requirement to grow Honeycrisp apple trees. Low areas or fences might settle frost or obstruct the circulation of air.
  • Honeycrisp are not self-pollinating because they are a hybrid variety. Thus, a different variety like Nova Spy, Sundance, Redfree or Sweet 16 should be grown alongside to help pollination.
  • Before planting, work soil to remove weeds and grass. Mixing a lot of compost or other organic matter is advised to make the soil well-drained and loamy.
  • Dig holes for the dwarf trees of Honeycrisp apple two feet deep and four feet wide. After removing the tree from its container, spread out the roots carefully and place it in the hole. Tamp the soil until the hole is completely filled.
  • Remember to water regularly for the first few weeks until the trees are well established. Adding mulch would help to retain moisture and aid in protection from weeds.
  • Because of disease-resistant specialty, hybrid tree of Honeycrisp apple is less prone to get affected from diseases and pests. However, a suggested fertilizer and insecticide would help the apple trees to become stronger and healthier.
  • While pruning gives finest shape and structure to Honeycrisp apple trees; thinning motivates large-size fruits and superior yields year after year. Honeycrisp apple tree start ripening fruits in September.

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