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Here’s to Houseplants (part 3)

If you choose the right plants and provide what they need, your houseplants and fruit trees will be a lovely addition to your indoor garden for years to come! and

Light and temperature

Coffee Plant from Gurney's Seed & Nursery Most plants like bright, indirect light, like an east- or west-facing window. Some plants, especially those that flower or produce fruit, may require more sunlight. Too much direct sunlight can burn a plant, while too little light can lead to “legginess” since they stretch towards the light source. Even if the plant is getting the correct amount of light, it will tend to grow towards the light source. I rotate each of my houseplants every week when I check them for watering. This keeps the plant balanced and looking its best.

If the amount of natural light in your home is limited (and who’s isn’t?), use grow lights. I have found that a full-spectrum grow light is the easiest way to provide more light just where you need it, especially during the short days of winter.

Plants are also affected by temperature, and most do well in temperatures that you will find comfortable (55-85°). Sometimes light needs and temperature needs are in conflict. For instance, a drafty window may be too cold for a particular plant, regardless of the valuable sunlight it provides. Likewise, a plant may get too warm if placed near a radiator or heating vent. And keep in mind that these problem spots will change with the seasons. A vent that blows warm air in the winter may in turn blow cold air during the summer.


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