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Growing Great Melons!

Sweet, juicy and easy to grow, nothing says “summer” like a ripe melon!

On a hot summer day, few things quench your thirst and inspire fond memories like feasting on a slice of succulent red watermelon. Try growing watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew melon, and you can relive those wonderful memories and at the same time spare your wallet and your taste buds from bland, expensive supermarket produce.

Sapomiel Hybrid Melon - Gurney's Seed and Nursery Here are a few tips on how to grow some great melons:

A sun-loving crop, melons need protection from cool spring and fall winds, proper air circulation, and space, whether it’s up a sturdy lean-to trellis or spread out in a 4’ by 4’ area. Melons prefer light, sandy, loamy oil that’s packed full of organic matter and nutrients. Cantaloupes and other melons require a pH of 6-7.5, but watermelons can take a pH as low as 5.5. A warm-weather crop, melons prefer soil temperatures of at least 70°F and ambient air temperatures of 50-55°F. If this sounds too warm for gardeners in cooler climates, don’t worry: There are other compact cool-season cultivars that will grow just fine.


2 comments to Growing Great Melons!

  • Jim Ristow

    The new “grab bag” promotions are prevocative … but unrealistic. I made an inquiry as to “what” is in the grab bag … to which I failed to receive a response. Okay, I know that “grab bags” are surprises. Just what I DON’T NEED. A selection of plants, shrubs and trees that don’t fit my landscape/garden plan would be a total waste of money — regardless of the low price. I think the marketing department needs to go back to the drawing board …

    • Jim, we apologize for any confusion this particular product may have caused. Some of our customers do enjoy our perennial grab bag, as these have been successful for many years and continue to perform well.

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