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Gotta Have It™ White

“Where’d you get it? I’ve Gotta Have It!” That’s what my friends and family always ask me when they taste the fresh Gotta Have It sweet corn I grow in my vegetable garden. We’ve been growing it here at Gurney’s for several years and we still stand behind or claim that it’s the best tasting corn available. If you like sweet corn, this is sure to be your new favorite.  Gotta Have ItTM White Sweet Corn Picture the richest, sweetest, most flavorful corn you’ve ever tasted. Got it? Now add a whole lot of sugar – that’s what Gotta Have It tastes like. You’ve never had corn this sweet!

This spring, we are introducing a new sweet corn variety: Gotta Have It White! It has all the same outstanding taste and qualities of the extremely popular bicolor favorite in a new white corn variety. Juicy kernels, long shelf life, and of course, incredibly sweet flavor!

Our customers have always raved about our Gotta Have It sweet corn. It’s been a customer favorite since its introduction! And now, due to its popularity and versatility, we are expanding our Gotta Have It options for those who prefer a white variety without losing any of the great flavor.

If you’ve ever grown our Gotta Have It sweet corn, feel free to leave a comment and let everyone know what you think! Is it as sugar-sweet as we claim?


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