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Spring is Coming to the Gurney’s Farm

Gurney’s Blue Ribbon Hybrid Broccoli

Here at the Gurney’s farm, we are busy preparing for spring. The greenhouse is being warmed up, irrigation is back up and running and trial packets of seed are arriving daily.

We spent the winter compiling wish lists of vegetable varieties and finally narrowed down our final selections […]


Gurney’s Perfect Pickle Cucumber

Cucumbers- the perfect snack or salad topper, and the perfect addition to your summer garden! Considering their crunchy, refreshing taste and quick proliferation, cucumbers are among the vegetables I look forward to most. Growing cucumbers is fairly easy and highly rewarding. But those of us with a limited growing space are often faced with a […]


New Fruit Varieties for 2015

Romeo Cherry

Fruits- the sweetest source of dietary fiber, essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, and for many, the very reason they started gardening. Growing fruits is about as close us grownups can get to the excitement of stealing them from some unsuspecting neighbor’s garden. Growing new fruit varieties, now that’s even […]


Fall food storage

One of the most obvious perks of growing your own food is the ability to bring the high-flavor, quality fruits and vegetables to every meal. But how do you savor this privilege when the days shorten and snow takes hold of the ground? It’s quite simple, by storing the produce. Potatoes, apples, carrots, squash […]


Rutabagas, Turnips, and Parsnips: So they’re good for me, but do they taste good?

Last post we talked about the nutritional value of three winter vegetables: rutabagas, turnips, and parsnips. All three can be harvested after frost, making your chilly frosty early-winter garden your own handy root-veggie fridge. We can all agree these winter root crops pack a huge nutritional punch but even I’m a little leery […]


The Belle of the Ball – Cherry Belle Radishes (and more!)

German Giant Parat Radishes

This post is from one of Gurney’s gardening experts! Check back as we bring in guests from our Research and Product Development departments –

Radishes aren’t one of those vegetables that I eat a lot of, but I love how quickly they go from seed to the table. […]


Cool-weather cabbage – perfect for early spring!

Cabbage has always been a cold weather, comfort-food vegetable. Besides soup, one of our family’s favorite brisk winter night meals is Golabki (pronounced golumpki), a Polish dish made by my mother-in-law. Cabbage leaves are rolled around a meat and pork mixture, then baked while covered with a thin, sweet tomato sauce. My kids and husband […]


Meet the new Gurney’s Blogger

As a novice gardener, I have been inspired to write a blog for Gurney’s. As the Gurney’s blogger I will:

Answer your questions, by obtaining answers from our Gurney’s experts in the field. Attempt to assist you with ideas & answers to help you succeed in planting & maintaining your beautiful garden. Share information and […]


Butternut Squash Lasagna- A Sumptuous Squash Recipe!

The main course, Butternut Squash Lasagna wasn’t something I’d tried before, but since we all loved it so very much, I just couldn’t keep myself from sharing this sumptuous squash recipe. […]


How to Grow Bush Cherries

Bush cherries are fun-to-grow plants that offer an exciting alternative to cherry trees. They’re good looking, easy to grow and offer delicious, juicy cherries that are just too good to resist. Bush cherry plants are smaller than regular cherry trees. While they’re excellent as windbreaks, their impressive foliage and gorgeous blooms makes them pretty useful as ornamentals. Most varieties of bush cherries start producing within a few years of planting. For cherry lovers who’re just as impatient as me, I’d recommend Nanking Bush Cherry plant, a wonderful variety that sets fruit in its very first year! […]