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The Gurney’s Farm Welcomes Spring

Spring is in full swing at the Gurney’s farm. We are preparing for planting, watching the bees visit sweet blooms and anticipating the garden harvests in the months to come. Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening now!

Tomato and lettuce seedlings are growing in our Gurney’s Seed Starting Kit.

Trays and trays […]


The New Gurney’s Spring 2016 Catalog

The New Gurney’s Spring 2016 pre-season catalog is arriving in mailboxes everywhere—and we have lots of new fruits and veggies for spring. While it’s hard to pick a favorite, I’ll share a few that really stand out.

Note: If you didn’t receive a catalog, just click here to request yours!

AsparaBest® Asparagus—I love all asparagus […]


Rotating Vegetable Crops

All gardeners have their favorite crops that they plant year after year. But planting the same crops in the same space every season can have an adverse effect on the plants’ health and performance as well as the soil. Rotating crops annually is the key to maintaining a healthy, productive garden.

Benefits of Rotating Vegetable […]


Now’s the Time to Plant these Early Spring Veggies

Pea seed can be sown before the threat of frost has passed.

We’re still experiencing some frosty mornings—and the soil is still too cool to plant many vegetables. But there are some veggies you can plant now. Cool season spring vegetables not only withstand the cool conditions, they actually relish them. Take a […]


Where are you, spring?

It’s March at last, but the cold, dreary winter weather is still hanging around, refusing to give up and let spring take hold. These last few weeks of cold, wet days are always the hardest to take. Planting season is so close, yet feels so far away. If you are like me and you simply […]


Hugelkultur beds to enrich your garden

Hugelkultur gardening uses raised beds over decomposing wood and compost.

If you’re like me, for the last several months you’ve been drooling over glossy, full color images of juicy red tomatoes, crisp green lettuce and luscious ripe peaches in the gardening catalogs. You’ve probably been dreaming of the coming spring’s garden, remembering last […]


Starting a Vegetable Garden

With all the plotting, planning, and assessment of variables – prepping to start a vegetable garden sounds much like going to war. Fortunately, it isn’t! Here’s some inside intel (read: start-a-garden tips) to help you out.

Make a map Not talking about bringing in a cartographer, just grab a pen/pencil, a piece of paper and […]


Some like it hot: How to grow radishes

German Giant Parat Radishes

Ravishing pink and red globes are sliced open to reveal a gorgeous, crisp white inside, with a spice and bite that follow the crunch that comes from one of spring’s first vegetables. I adore radishes, and am always on the lookout for a new variety, but to be totally […]


“Aubergine,” or eggplant, is surprisingly easy to grow

Twilight Hybrid Eggplant

The word, “aubergine” rolled of the tongue of our neighbor much easier than it did mine. I can remember the gorgeous deep purple fruits and the dense feeling of holding them freshly picked. I’d walk home and tell my mom Mrs. Scott had given us another eggplant- then I would […]


Resources for finding the best plants for your growing zone

Having been raised in the city, nobody taught me how to garden. When I moved to a home on 4 acres, with an apple and pear tree, a grape vine and re-sprouting rhubarb, I became interested in planting a larger vegetable garden. When picking out packages of seeds and plants, I viewed the growing zone […]