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Rotating Vegetable Crops

All gardeners have their favorite crops that they plant year after year. But planting the same crops in the same space every season can have an adverse effect on the plants’ health and performance as well as the soil. Rotating crops annually is the key to maintaining a healthy, productive garden.

Benefits of Rotating Vegetable […]


What is the difference between hybrid, open pollinated and heirloom seed?

Heirloom tomatoes

When browsing through your seed catalogs, you may notice some terminology that can be confusing. Seed is often categorized as open pollinated (op), heirloom or hybrid. Understanding these descriptions is especially important if you plan to save your own seed.

Open pollinated (OP)- These varieties can produce seed that is true to type, or […]


Grow popcorn – it’s easy, fun and delicious!

My kids are big popcorn fans.

Popcorn has become one of my very favorite crops to grow. This unassuming crop has many virtues you may not have considered. I’ve been mulling over the list of reasons to grow popcorn so that I can convince others to give it a try. I think I […]


Gardening with garlic

Fresh garlic is a cook’s dream- grated into pasta, chopped for a sauté with vegetables and chicken, or blended into fresh salsa. Most people are used to grabbing bulbs from the grocery store and don’t even realize how easy it is to grow their own. And garlic isn’t just good in your kitchen- the “stinking […]


Resources for finding the best plants for your growing zone

Having been raised in the city, nobody taught me how to garden. When I moved to a home on 4 acres, with an apple and pear tree, a grape vine and re-sprouting rhubarb, I became interested in planting a larger vegetable garden. When picking out packages of seeds and plants, I viewed the growing zone […]


Attracting Wildlife- Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds offer one of the simplest ways of luring wildlife into your lives. A perfect blend of taste and nutrition, sunflower seeds are a magnet for a variety of bird species, including hummingbirds, goldfinches, blue jays, woodpeckers and cardinals. But simply scattering the seeds on the windowsills won’t do the trick. […]


Sumer Care for Your Vegetable Garden

Summer… It’s the most exuberant time of the year. And it’s here! The warm, sunny days are perfect for catching up with friends and spending quality time with your family. […]


How to Grow Cucumbers from Seed

They’re good looking, nutritious and can be added to every meal… I’m talking about Cucumbers, one of the must have plants for every home garden! These green, cylindrical plants pack good quantities of essential minerals like Manganese, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Potassium. Also, they’re a rich source of Vitamins C, K and A, and have a pleasant, refreshing taste. Growing cucumbers isn’t too difficult. […]


Basics for Beautiful Bulbs!

There is still time to do some bulb planting! In fact, most flower bulbs have to be planted in the fall, because they need a dormancy period time to become rooted before they can bloom big and boldly in the spring. Planting bulbs is very simple, and the great thing about ordering from Gurney’s catalog or website is that we ship our plants and bulbs to you at exactly the right planting time for your region and zone. […]


Why Plant Gurney’s® Deluxe Fruit Trees?

Fall is officially here! Autumn is my favorite season. The leaves turn colors and drift away, the air is crisp and cool, and warm apple cider and pumpkins are waiting to be enjoyed. Many people may not know this, but Fall is actually the perfect time to plant a tree! The ground is still warm enough to support the roots, and the tree will have plenty of time to settle in before winter. […]