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Gurney’s Farm Update- The Fall Garden

The temperatures are finally cooling off, the leaves are changing, and I’m finding big, fat garden spiders draped all over the landscape. It’s official, fall is here! While in some aspects I’m suffering from garden burnout after tending to my garden (and its weeds) all spring and summer, I still want to reap the bounties […]


Grow popcorn – it’s easy, fun and delicious!

My kids are big popcorn fans.

Popcorn has become one of my very favorite crops to grow. This unassuming crop has many virtues you may not have considered. I’ve been mulling over the list of reasons to grow popcorn so that I can convince others to give it a try. I think I […]


How to dry gourds for decoration

Large and Small Gourd Mix

Decorative gourds – nearly as popular as the ubiquitous Pumpkin Spice Latte this fall! Want to keep your gourds looking fresh right through autumn? You may want to try drying them to keep them from getting “icky” around Halloween. Here’s how you can dry small pumpkins and gourds […]


Fall food storage

One of the most obvious perks of growing your own food is the ability to bring the high-flavor, quality fruits and vegetables to every meal. But how do you savor this privilege when the days shorten and snow takes hold of the ground? It’s quite simple, by storing the produce. Potatoes, apples, carrots, squash […]


Extending the growing season

Season extension is the way forth for gardeners who seek to do more, and get more out of their garden. So even when it’s gotten cold and the neighbor’s called it a season, you can choose to challenge the elements and cultivate your favorite plants beyond their usual growing period. Gurney’s offers some of the […]


What to do with those late-season tomatoes

With fall just around the corner and plenty of fresh tomatoes on hand, it’s time, yet again, to look for answers to that old question- What do you do with your precious tomatoes? The great thing about tomatoes is, there’s plenty of choice, even with immature tomatoes that aren’t likely to ripen in time. […]


Fall Gardening Reflections

Thanksgiving, for many of us gardeners, is a time to enjoy the last fruits of our harvest. Squash, beets, broccoli are all done and our gardens are ready for a long winter’s nap. As I look back on this fall’s harvest, I want to make sure I take a few notes and share with you […]


Basics for Beautiful Bulbs!

There is still time to do some bulb planting! In fact, most flower bulbs have to be planted in the fall, because they need a dormancy period time to become rooted before they can bloom big and boldly in the spring. Planting bulbs is very simple, and the great thing about ordering from Gurney’s catalog or website is that we ship our plants and bulbs to you at exactly the right planting time for your region and zone. […]


Why Plant Gurney’s® Deluxe Fruit Trees?

Fall is officially here! Autumn is my favorite season. The leaves turn colors and drift away, the air is crisp and cool, and warm apple cider and pumpkins are waiting to be enjoyed. Many people may not know this, but Fall is actually the perfect time to plant a tree! The ground is still warm enough to support the roots, and the tree will have plenty of time to settle in before winter. […]


Li’l BIG Apple Trees – An Easy Way to Grow Apples

These special trees make it easy to grow fresh, delicious apples right in your own backyard, no matter the size of your growing space. The trees grow approximately six feet tall, and bear full-size, full-flavored fruit only 16 months after planting. By their third or fourth year, these easy-to-manage trees will bear half a bushel or more. […]