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A new way to make popcorn!

This year at the Research and Development farm we grew a lot of popcorn. We’ll be doing taste trials once the cobs all dry down. In the mean time we are playing! Did you know you can put a whole ear of popcorn in the microwave and pop it right off the cob? Simply […]


Grow popcorn – it’s easy, fun and delicious!

My kids are big popcorn fans.

Popcorn has become one of my very favorite crops to grow. This unassuming crop has many virtues you may not have considered. I’ve been mulling over the list of reasons to grow popcorn so that I can convince others to give it a try. I think I […]


“Gotta Have It” – I really do!

Today, we’re sharing a post from one of our guest bloggers – one of our gardening experts here at Gurney’s!

If I can keep the squirrels and raccoons from getting it first, I will be harvesting delicious sweet corn in late July/early August. Everyone that I know, loves Gotta Have It (including my grandchildren […]


The sweet life -grow your own corn!

Gotta Have It Hybrid Sweet Corn

Being a Midwest girl, I like to think I’m a bit of a corn expert. I grew up saying things like “Knee High by Fourth of July”; I’m also a bit of a cyclist, so riding through miles and miles of corn along rural roads on a […]