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Can’t Wait For Strawberries!

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to harvest your strawberries. I believe no garden is complete without a crop of them. The strawberry is one of the best all-around fruits you can grow. What I like best about strawberries is they are the first bloomers of the spring. Can you imagine a better looking, more versatile fruit popping up first in your garden?

Junebearing Strawberries - Gurney's Whopper Junebearing Strawberry How to Plant Strawberries:

Strawberries prosper when planted in properly prepared beds or rows alongside of the house; planting them to work as an edge to a walk or driveway or encouraging them to sprawl over the top of the wall. Strawberries are even happy to grow in strawberry jars and hanging baskets.

The best way to grow strawberries is with slightly acidic potting soil that has a pH between 5.5 and 6.8. You can mix 4 inches or more of compost in a clay type soil to create raised mounds in order to improve drainage. In sandy type of soil, mix a layer of rich compost or manure only after removing weeds.

The plant should be spaced in rows 18 inches apart. The soil should cover the roots very well but the central growing bud (crown) should be exposed to light and fresh air; otherwise if buried, the plant could easily rot. Keeping strawberries from coming in contact with the soil has the added bonus of more space for airflow. This way they ripen more evenly. In warm, sunny weather, the strawberries ripen in 30 days after blossoms are fertilized.

An absolute necessity for strawberries to grow well is at least 8 hours of sunshine everyday. Make sure to protect your strawberry fruits from birds by covering them with lightweight bird nettings. Small strawberry fruits are the result of hot and drought weather conditions. Regular watering and improving climate will help your plant to start yielding normal size fruits. Improper pollination could be the reason for deformation in shape and size of strawberry fruits.

Now that spring is quickly approaching, order some Whopper Junebearing Strawberries from Gurney’s!


3 comments to Can’t Wait For Strawberries!

  • brenda

    Hi Gurneys, I recieved my everbearing strawberries 4 days ago from Ya’ll! I kept them in the fridge for 2 days until i planted them in my new raised beds a couple of days ago! You sent wonderful instuctions along with my order of 25 plants ( I actually got 28!). Thank you from Central Arkansas:))

  • Elton Yutzy

    I got 25 Jewel strawberry plants deliverd two weeks ago. 15 are doing very well. 5 more i think are going to make it.
    there are 5 that were DOA – unless thedre is a resurrection of plants they are never going to produce anything.
    i am very disappoointed in the plants they sent.


  • kelli

    Strawberry is hard in this part of the world. They only grow on cold areas. But they are yummy to look at specially if fresh.

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