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A Peach of a Tree!

Peach Tree Trees are always a great asset to a garden. They bring in wildlife, offer shade and are great for landscaping. Some, like the Peach Tree, are still more rewarding, and deliciously so! If you have an appetite for big, juicy fruit and are looking for fruit trees that are easy to grow, peach trees are just the thing for you!

Most varieties of peach trees are self pollinating which is a blessing for those with a limited growing space. The average mature height of peach trees is about 20 feet. These deciduous trees perform well in sunny locations. Planting peach trees at the start of the cold season gives the roots ample time to develop and bodes well for the tree’s future. Make sure the soil is rich and has good drainage. Peach trees do best when irrigated regularly, throughout the year. I’d suggest you go for a drip irrigation system. It’ll save you a lot of effort and considerable water. Prune peach trees once a year to remove all damaged or dead parts. Also, trim the dense parts to improve penetration.

Peach trees set flowers in spring. The flowers come in pink or red and are very attractive. The beginning of summer marks the appearance of long, green leaves and velvety fruits. The best thing about growing peach trees is that there’s never a dull moment. The trees look stunning at all times, making sure your yard never loses its charm.

The toughest aspect of growing peaches is deciding whether to eat them fresh, make them into jams or use them in puddings… The decision, friends, is all yours to make!


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