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A Healthy, Great-Tasting, Native Berry!

Sure, they’ve been around for a long time, technically making them “elders,” but I’ve gotta say the elderberry bush is one of the more exciting, younger looking specimens out there. It’s a plant that’s native to North America,  Elderberry - Gurney's Seed & Nursery among other places, but you sure don’t hear too much about it these days. I wonder why that is, because it’s a beautiful looking bush (or tree), and the berries it produces are some of the healthiest you can grow. They taste good, too, especially in homemade jams.

I just went out in my garden and picked some elderberries fresh off the plant last month. Picking these berries got me thinking, and I just wanted to send a note to you all about one of our great native berry plants.

Check out this article from for more information on the elderberry bush.


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