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What to do with your peanut harvest

I grew peanuts for this first time this year. All summer long I watched these unassuming plants with speculation, trying hard not to get my hopes up. Visitors looked curiously at the short, bushy plants and asked “where are the peanuts”. The peanuts (I hoped) were underground. Peanuts are a curious plant, and are not […]


Choose the right fertilizer to supplement your soil

In an ideal world, we would have big beautiful green lawns and lush, full blooming gardens with bountiful harvests of fruits and vegetables- and it would be as easy as sticking a plant or seed in the ground. But the reality is, it’s not easy, and it starts with our soil.

We all know […]


All about pea gardening

Did you know that peas were first introduced to France by Catherine de Medici? Or that the United Kingdom has actual pea etiquette- and that the proper way to eat peas is by mashing them with the back of your fork (not scooping them with a fork or spoon like most of us do).