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Summer Take 2 – Succession Planting for my Fall Bean Harvest


Jade Green Beans – Seven days after sowing!

I love this warm weather, full of the great periods of rain that we have been having. It has been wonderful for us gardeners. A few weeks ago, I took the time one evening, (yes, one beautifully warm evening), to plant my succession summer garden […]


Why does my Sweet Corn look like half-popped bubble wrap?

Tassel damage can make for “popped” kernels.

Sweet corn is a signal for me that the summer days are growing shorter, I get excited to pick my first ears of corn, looking forward to their naturally sweet taste. Recently from my garden, I grabbed an ear, peeled back the husk and became disappointed […]


Meet the new Gurney’s Blogger

As a novice gardener, I have been inspired to write a blog for Gurney’s. As the Gurney’s blogger I will:

Answer your questions, by obtaining answers from our Gurney’s experts in the field. Attempt to assist you with ideas & answers to help you succeed in planting & maintaining your beautiful garden. Share information and […]


Try Felix’s Black Current Sorbet recipe

Felix posted this recipe to our blog a few years ago – a black currant sorbet with a secret ingredient and a chocolate-like taste (but no chocolate). A customer with a chocolate allergy recently wrote in, and we decided to reprise this sweet recipe. Try making it with our Consort Black Currants!

Black Current Sorbet