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How to Grow Watermelons

I’ve often heard gardeners describe the process of growing watermelons as hard and demanding. Well, it does involve specific care and quite some effort, but it’s a lot of fun too! Here’s some information on how to grow watermelons from seed. […]


How to Grow Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses are a wonderful addition to gardens of all styles and sizes. You can use climbing roses to beautify walls and fences, frame the windows or train them up a trellis or pergola. Climbing roses offer a wide range of flower color, giving you freedom to pick in accordance with the surroundings. Growing climbing roses might appear to be a bit tricky but it’s pretty simple, really. Here’s some information on how you can grow climbing roses with ease. […]


Strawberries- Planting Tips

Strawberry is definitely the best looking! Growing strawberry plants promises delicious fruit, an attractive landscape and a whole lot of fun. While the plants are quite easy to grow and maintain, the part of planting strawberries requires some serious consideration and careful execution […]


Strawberries: June bearing VS Ever bearing

While the process of growing strawberries is pretty simple in itself, there are some aspects that gardeners, especially beginners, find baffling. One of these is picking the type of strawberry to grow. For most gardeners, the choice revolves around two of the most famous types- June bearing strawberries and Ever bearing strawberries. […]


Goji Berries- Healthy and Delicious!

Are you growing Goji Berries in your garden? If the answer’s NO, there’s a fair chance you aren’t too familiar with the intriguing history, the amazing properties or the immense health benefits of goji berries. Also known as Chinese Wolfberries or Lycium Barbarum, these small berries have long been a source of food, medicine and fascination. […]