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How to Plant Bulbs for Beautiful Spring Flowers!

Some gardeners give up after September, because they think there’s nothing left to do. But, don’t fret, fellow gardener: There is still time to do some bulb planting! […]


How to Grow a Peanut Plant from Seed

Indigenous to South America, the peanut is a member of the legume family; it’s not a nut like its name may suggest. It’s one of most widely grown crops in the world because of its flavorful, edible seed. It can be grown indoors or out, depending on the growing season; a longer season is better for outdoor growth, while a shorter season lends itself to indoor growth. […]


Health Benefits of Onions

In addition to a wide variety of flavors and culinary uses, onions offer tons of various health-related benefits. The type of onion doesn’t matter, as they’re all very similar in composition. Here’s a quick rundown of the many health benefits the onion offers. […]